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Are you a company from Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay considering a new investment? Are you interested in investing in Catalonia? Does your business need connections with the Catalan industrial and economic ecosystem?

From the Catalan Government Trade & Investment office in Buenos Aires, you get tailor-made information and full support for a smooth, fast and successful set-up of operations in Catalonia from start to finish. We also offer personalised assistance to Catalan companies wishing to open in Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay, and find new global business opportunities.

Services to Companies from Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay

  • Qualified support, insight and advice to companiesin Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay interested in investing in Catalonia.
  • Full, practical, up-to-date information on the legal, tax and labor context. 
  • Introduction to the Catalan industrial and economic ecosystem.
  • In-depth information on financing and location possibilities.
  • Help with the right steps to get started in Catalonia.
  • Ongoing support throughout all the phases of the investment project.
  • Promotion of strategic business alliances with Catalan companies.
  • Identification and location of Catalan technology partners for joint R&D and innovation projects.
  • Help source suppliers, manufacturing partners, technology providers or any other local company to fulfill a specific need.

Argentine Companies in Catalonia

A number of Argentine companies are already settled in Catalonia. Among them Grupo Arcor, Faigfor, Cantonal, Varteco Química Puntera, Catapulta Editores or Interbrokers.

Catalan Companies in Argentina

More than 200 Catalan companies are already settled in Argentina, among them Gas Natural, Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas, Abertis, Grifols, Planeta corporación or Roca.

Our Team in Argentina


Mr Horacio Babini, director of Buenos Aires office, is graduated in International Relations in Buenos Aires and he has an International Business postgraduate degree from the University of Barcelona and a PMD from Esade. Knowing the Argentine business network, he was director of Foreign Trade of the province of Cordoba and expert consultant of the Federal Council of Investments. With a wide experience in South America, including project management and trade promotion development. He specializes in Peru, Bolivia, Paraguai, Uruguai and Argentina markets.



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Catalonia, Region of the Future

The Financial Times sees Catalonia as the best Southern European Region of the Future in its latest report on the most attractive European locations for future investments. With more than 8,600 international companies in Catalonia, Barcelona comes first in the continent by FDI strategy and policies for attracting investors.

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