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The Catalonia Supplier service is a free, fast, and personalized service that will help you find your ideal supplier saving you time and costs.

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Catalonia Suppliers is a service Catalonia Trade & Investment provides to help international companies find and contact Catalan suppliers that meet their interests and needs. 

Barcelona-Catalonia is one of Europe's strongest industrial locations. With over 630,000 companies operating in Catalonia, the region accounts for 24.6% of Spain's GDP and is the driving force behind its industrial sector.

With 30 years of experience and a deep understanding of the Catalan business network, we are your best ally in identifying the product or service your international company requires. We work closely with sectorial associations, clusters, and different business platforms in Catalonia.

This service is entirely free, fast, and personalized, saving you time and costs in finding the ideal supplier to fulfill your needs.

The Catalan companies we represent have a high level of expertise and awareness in facing new international market challenges:

  • Commitment to sustainability
  • Quality service
  • Skilled interlocutors
  • Solutions to adapt to market uncertainties

At Catalonia Trade & Investment, we collaborate with Catalan companies to ensure their commitment to EGS (environmental, social, and governance) criteria meets the demands of international companies. Furthermore, we help you secure a resilient supply chain by identifying the ideal supplier partner in Catalonia.

Our services are aimed at international companies, manufacturers, distributors, importers, etc., looking for:

  • New suppliers to diversify their supply chain
  • New suppliers to diversify or launch a new product line
  • New products/services to expand their current portfolio
  • New products/services to access new market opportunities
  • Prospecting for suppliers

“Catalonia Trade & Investment provided exceptional support for our entry into the Catalan market, organizing and following up on meetings with potential suppliers. Their impressive market analysis and comprehensive service were handled with utmost professionalism. We highly recommend their services.”

Ruth Gistelinck, Managing Director of Dumilco International SL

Catalonia Suppliers Service Kit

Catalonia Suppliers offers four different services to assist you in finding the optimal suppliers for your business.

1. Directory

The Catalonia Industry Suppliers directory contains over 5,200 industrial, technological, and industry service suppliers. The directory shows Catalan industrial providers with the highest export potential, classified by sectors and products offered in detail.

This online database platform is free and open for companies to search for the most suitable suppliers according to their business needs. 

If you cannot find the suppliers you are looking for or are having trouble filtering them, we can help you identify them via our personalized Supplier Search service.

2. Customized Supplier Search

Via our personalized service at the demand of international companies, we can:

  • Identify reliable suppliers for international companies
  • Ensure that they meet the client's needs and capabilities.
  • Facilitate online meetings between the companies
  • Accompany international business to visit the facilities of Catalan companies.

Contact us to introduce you to the most suitable partner, and we will coordinate a meeting or visit their facilities.

3. Meet the Buyer

If your strategy requires incorporating several suppliers simultaneously with different products and solutions, we can organize a Meet the Buyer event for your company. At this event, your company will be the Buyer in charge of selecting the best suppliers for your needs. 

The event works as follows:

  • You will define the products or services that interest you.
  • You will indicate the profile of the suppliers you want to work with and their requirements. 
  • You will receive a supplier proposal, and you can choose the ones that best fit your strategy. 
  • You will have one-to-one meetings with the selected companies to learn about their value proposition.

Save time and costs in searching for the ideal supplier, and let us help you connect with the most suitable providers for your company. 

4. Online Commercial Missions

Catalonia Suppliers organizes online sectorial commercial missions, inviting several buyers, importers, and distributors from different markets. We provide a tailor-made supplier catalog allowing buyers to select their preferred suppliers. The objective is to hold a round of online interviews so that potential buyers can meet the selected suppliers.

Participating in Online Commercial Missions has several advantages, such as: 

  • Meeting new suppliers, saving time and costs.
  • Discovering new suppliers, products, technologies, and services.
  • Positioning yourself ahead of competitors.
  • Gaining intel on the latest trends in the Catalan and Spanish markets.

Contact us, and we will help you organize an agenda with online interviews to meet your selected suppliers

“The Catalonia Suppliers service was incredibly efficient and saved us time, effort, and cost. Within just two weeks, they connected us with numerous reliable suppliers, and with their support, selecting and visiting these suppliers was very easy.”

Courage Dogbegah, Edric Group's CEO

What we offer with our
Catalonia Supplier service.

  • Search for the best suppliers

    We analyze your needs and search for the best suppliers.

  • Organize a meeting agenda

    We prepare a personalized virtual meeting agenda.

  • Visit suppliers together

    We provide ongoing support during the process.

  • Track up contacts

    We monitor and follow up on established contacts.