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Located in Southern Europe, Catalonia and Barcelona have been recognized by the Financial Times for having Europe’s best foreign investment attraction strategy.

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Barcelona-Catalonia, your business location in Europe.

Located in the north-east of Spain and with 7,7 million inhabitants, Barcelona-Catalonia is the most competitive economy in Southern Europe. It concentrates 22.3% of the Spanish industry, and its GDP is similar, for instance, to Finland’s.

Historically a trading nation, its strategic location in the Mediterranean and its transport infrastructures, as well as its entrepreneurial and business-friendly economy, have made it a top location in the south of Europe. Add to that a capital city, Barcelona is an unbeatable meeting point for international business.

Barcelona, a city that beats all capital cities

Known for its outstanding quality of life and forward-thinking services, Barcelona proudly holds the title of 3rd best city in Europe and 6th in the world, according to Resonance World's Best Cities 2023 report. But beyond the rankings, Barcelona embodies a spirit of constant innovation.

In Barcelona, innovation is not just a concept; it's a way of life. Here, dynamic companies thrive, attracting both multinationals and start-ups to its vibrant, tech-forward environment.

The city's appeal is global. Ranked the 7th most attractive global city in KPMG's 2022 report, Barcelona has become a hub for talent in Southern Europe, drawing individuals and companies from all over the world to its vibrant scene. According to the 2023 FDI Strategy, Catalonia is the Best large European Region for the Future, leading the way in envisioning tomorrow.

For those with dreams of making a global impact, Barcelona offers the perfect springboard. According to BCG's 2021 report, it ranks as the 9th best city in the world to work in - a testament to its thriving economy and limitless opportunities.

A top location for international companies

International companies are increasingly deciding on Catalonia and Barcelona for their investments in Europe. Modern and easy connections by plane, roads, and maritime transportation ensure a broad market reach within 24 hours.

Moreover, a tech-savvy population and highly skilled professionals make it a preferred place for multinationals from diverse sectors, such as Pepsico, Microsoft, Danone, Nestlé, Amazon, AAM, HP, Novartis, and Merck, to name just a few.

8 Fast Facts about Catalonia

8 Fast Facts about Catalonia
Fast facts Description
Population: 7.7 million
Area: 32,108 sq km
Location: North-east of Spain, bordering France and the Mediterranean Sea
Monetary unit: Euro
GDP 2022: 270,710 million Euros
GDP per capita (2022): 31,531 Euros
Exports (2022): 94,927 million Euros
FDI (2018-2022): 20,300 million Euros (29% more than in the previous five years)

“In Barcelona we have HP’s most important laboratory outside the US. To say that you are settled in Barcelona means you have quality of life, great surroundings and climate, and also a creative ecosystem”

Ramon Pastor, Global Head and General Manager at HP

  • 22.3%

    Catalonia accounts for 22.3% of Spanish industry

  • 1st

    Catalonia is the first region in Spain for foreign investment attraction

  • 20.7%

    Catalonia concentrates 20.7% of Spain’s innovative companies

  • 19%

    Catalonia accounts for 19% of Spanish GDP

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