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Move your key staff to Barcelona-Catalonia faster

We offer detailed information on all visas to work, residence- work permits and immigration procedures in Catalonia. This service will guide you through the process of international mobility during all your investment project, from start to finish.

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Streamlining the immigration process.

If you are moving to Spain or bringing employees to work in your new investment project in Barcelona-Catalonia, we can guide you through the immigration process and advise you on the best way to do it.

  • We offer an exclusive personalized first consultancy service and roadmap analysis for the future investor.
  • You will get detailed information on all visas to work and residence-work permits to live in Catalonia temporarily or permanently, including for your family members.
  • We are the institutional contact between public and private entities involved in the immigration procedures, both at a state and regional level.

The immigration process in Spain is more agile and flexible than in most countries around. Its processing is simplified, and the express procedure for visas to work and residence-work permits for Spain takes from 10 to 20 working days.

“Barcelona is recognized as a place where international talent comes, so for us, it was a must to be here”

Danilo Colnaghi, Director Google Barcelona & Head of Western EMEA VSO at Google

Success stories in Barcelona-Catalonia.

  • Logo-Nestle

    Nestlé creates over 100 jobs at its Global IT Hub in Barcelona since the start of the pandemic

    Nestlé is one of the many international companies established in Catalonia that have benefited from the International Mobility service for Executives. Francisco Mejías, manager of Talent, Recruitment & Training at Nestlé Spain, explains how every year, a great number of people move from their home countries to join Nestlé in Spain, especially in their Global IT Hub in Barcelona.
    According to Nestlé's manager, "Through their customized International Mobility service for Executives, Catalonia Trade & Investment was extremely helpful by accompanying the company in all its international mobility and immigration procedures, being in constant contact with public bodies, and monitoring and pushing the resolution of their requests".

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  • US tech giant Google opened new headquarters in Barcelona, creating 40 jobs focused mainly on cloud operations

    Catalonia Trade & Investment has provided International Mobility Service for Executives to many international companies established in Catalonia, including Google.

    Danilo Colnaghi, Director of Google Barcelona and head of Western EMEA VSO at Google, thinks Catalonia represents a significant part of their business. The talent available in the city made it a must for the company to set up new offices. Colnaghi stated, "The city's booming @22 district hosts numerous tech multinationals and "is a platform of innovation where you have more and more international companies coming over to share expertise and know-how."

    Colnaghi adds that the active local associations and pro-business authorities help and support Barcelona's position as the center of tech in Europe.

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