Danilo Colnaghi, Director of Google Barcelona: “Barcelona is a great place for technology and innovation”

27 Sep 2022


Business Investments · Tech & Digital Transformation

US tech giant Google opened new headquarters in Barcelona this year, creating 40 jobs focused mainly on cloud operations.

Danilo Colnaghi, director of Google Barcelona, says in this interview that Catalonia represents a significant part of their business. The talent available in the city made it a must for the company to set up new offices.

“Barcelona is recognized as a place where international talent comes, so for us, it was a must to be here”

Danilo Colnaghi, director of Google Barcelona

According to Colnaghi, "Barcelona is the number one smart city in terms of architecture, education, tourism, technology, and much more". He highlights that the city's booming @22 district, which concentrates the headquarters of numerous tech multinationals, "is a platform of innovation where you have more and more international companies that are coming over to share expertise and know-how."

Colnaghi adds that the active local associations and pro-business authorities all help and support Barcelona as the center of tech in Europe.

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