Top International Tech Hubs in Catalonia

The digital sector is booming in Catalonia, with Barcelona being the world’s best tech non-capital city. International tech companies will join a network of more than 19,000 companies related to the ICT and digital sector.

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Barcelona, a great pole of attraction of tech hubs.

Catalonia is home to a total of 140 global technology development centers (2023). Over the past few years, the impact of these investments has gained significant traction, doubling the number of hubs since 2018.

International tech hubs in Catalonia employ 26,407 people, an increase of 25% over the previous year, and generate an annual turnover of 2,544 million euros (+25%).

Catalonia Trade & Investment has played a key role in supporting the establishment of these tech hubs in Barcelona-Catalonia. In fact, 87% of the 140 centers have been assisted by our agency in their landing in Catalonia. It is a sign of the government's commitment to attracting new international digital hubs, which means generating more and better knowledge in Catalonia and connecting them to the local business network.

In 2023, the sector that has seen the most significant growth in investment is healthcare technologies, a trend that has been on the rise since the onset of the pandemic. Currently, almost 20% of the companies in the Catalan hub ecosystem are dedicated to the gaming industry. This is closely followed by software companies and those specializing in business consulting and services, while the industrial machinery and food sectors boast the largest hubs.

In terms of geographical distribution, 76% of the hubs are located in the city of Barcelona, with the 22@ district being the preferred location for almost half of the companies.

The reasons why companies choose the city of Barcelona include its ability to attract multidisciplinary talent, a robust business and industrial ecosystem, and its strategic geographic location.

“Our PepsiCo hub in Barcelona is a fundamental engine and pillar of the company's digital transformation strategy at a global level”

Gaston Besanson, VP and Global Head of Data Science at PepsiCo

Top International tech hubs in Catalonia.

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