Setting up your company in Barcelona-Catalonia

Catalonia Trade & Investment advises foreign companies on the steps to open a business in Barcelona-Catalonia. Save time and money with a one-stop shop for your investment project in Barcelona-Catalonia.


We’ll help you establish your company in Barcelona-Catalonia.

Catalonia Trade & Investment advises foreign companies in the various stages of creating a company and starting a business in Barcelona-Catalonia.

Your objective of maximizing the return on your investment is also our objective, and our project management team works with this goal in mind.

You will have a project manager who will give you tailor-made, free-of-charge support and practical solutions under 100% confidentiality to take the right steps to open your business or company in Barcelona- Catalonia, and Spain.

Get support during all the investment phases

Our local knowledge allows us to offer ongoing support through all the phases of your investment to create a company in Barcelona-Catalonia.
From the analysis and decision phase through the implantation stage, we will be by your side during the execution of the project as well as during the post-investment stage.

We aim to guarantee the viability of your investment to create a company in Barcelona-Catalonia from the outset.

7 steps of the analysis phase to open a business in Barcelona-Catalonia:

  1. Preliminary study and analysis of the investment project to create a company in Barcelona-Catalonia.
  2. Appointment of a project manager who will assist you personally.
  3. Diagnosis of project needs and identification of critical points.
  4. Adoption of a clear timetable and follow-up process.
  5. Provision of administrative and technical information on applicable regulations for the project (health, environmental, urban, municipal, industrial safety, etc.).
  6.  Elaboration of a candidature and value proposition for your company.
  7.  Preparation of a visiting agenda accompanied by your project manager.

Key points to set up a business
in Barcelona-Catalonia.

4 key points of investment advice to set up a business in Barcelona-Catalonia.

  • Support

    Support and solutions to solve the new needs that your company will be facing.

  • Opportunities

    Enhancement of new business opportunities for your company.

  • Advice

    Advice on investment processes, reinvestments, or expansions.

  • Dialogue

    Continuous dialogue with public administrations and organizations.

9 steps in the implementation phase to create a business in Barcelona-Catalonia:

  1. Contacts with specialized agents, such as recruitment entities and law firms.
  2. Best opportunities for you on financing and incentives, if applicable.
  3. Search of locations and preparation of a site visit agenda.
  4. Search for local suppliers (raw materials, logistics, and services).
  5. Link with strategic partners (universities, technology centers, research institutes...).
  6. Identification of the official agencies involved in the different permits required.
  7. Guidance and advice on legal, labor, and energy issues and presentation of the project to other administrations.
  8. Work permits for managers and groups of non-EU workers, as well as support in the relocation process for workers and families.
  9. Opening, inauguration, and media coverage when needed.


Contact us and get the tailored-made support you need to reach success in Barcelona-Catalonia.


Setting up your company

  • Ypsomed

    Simon Michel

    CEO of Ypsomed

    “Catalonia Trade & Investment was extremely helpful to set up a company in Catalonia and we really had open doors. There was always somebody that picked up the phone, supported us in finding the place, the right consulting tool, and during the recruiting process.”

  • AGC Pharma Chemicals

    Ana Pilar González

    AGC Pharma Chemicals' Chief Operating Officer

    “AGC's challenge was to relocate from Japan to Catalonia to establish a development center for the European and North American markets. Catalonia Trade & Investment, through its offices in Japan and Barcelona, supported us throughout the process.”


    Ramon Martin

    CEO of RICOH Spain and Portugal

    “From the beginning, Catalonia Trade & Investment helped us organize our Shared Service Center. We started with 100 people, and today we have 800.”