Success Story: Why Ricoh chose Barcelona-Catalonia

22 Feb 2024

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Japanese company Ricoh set foot in Barcelona back in 1986 and has been a key player in Catalonia’s IT ecosystem since then. Currently, Ricoh’s headquarters in Sant Cugat (Barcelona) not only serves the Spanish market but also extends its services to European countries, the Middle East, and Africa.

“Barcelona has always had the perfect context for attracting talent and businesses”

Anna Vázquez, Digital Solutions & Services Director at Ricoh Spain

With 2,300 professionals employed in Spain and Portugal, Ricoh has transitioned from a printing company to a system integrator in the IT sector. In Barcelona-Catalonia, Ricoh's acquisition of local companies such as Gestetnert, Technotrends, and IPM has facilitated its development into a digital company.

Talent and innovation, key assets in Catalonia

Anna Vázquez, Digital Solutions & Services Director at Ricoh Spain, highlights in this interview how Barcelona has always provided the perfect context for attracting both talent and businesses. “Barcelona has become a perfect technological hub,” Vázquez states. The city has witnessed the establishment of numerous global companies and serves as an incubator for startups.

Support from Catalonia Trade & Investment

Ramon Martin, CEO of RICOH Spain and Portugal, explains how Catalonia Trade & Investment played a pivotal role in helping Ricoh establish its shared service center in Barcelona from the outset. Catalonia Trade & Investment provided assessment and facilitated networking with other international companies. Initially comprising 100 professionals, the center has since grown to accommodate over 800 experts.

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