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We are the Catalan Government’s public agency devoted to assisting international firms to invest in Barcelona - Catalonia. We also help the more than 9,250 foreign companies already established in Catalonia to expand their business.

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We are the foreign investor’s point of contact in Barcelona-Catalonia.

Catalonia Trade & Investment gives comprehensive advice to foreign companies to facilitate the investment of new multinationals in Barcelona-Catalonia (Spain) while helping those already present carry out expansions and reinvestments.

Tasks range from the promotion of Catalonia abroad, the joint preparation of candidacies for companies to carry out investments in Catalonia, to full advice throughout the investment process and monitoring once the investment has been implemented.

For more than 35 years, we have been proudly helping companies invest in Catalonia and Spain with free, tailor-made, and confidential solutions. Our customized services make our agency the primary point of contact for foreign investors.

“Catalonia Trade & Investment was coordinating and networking with the right stakeholders so we could get the permits for our investment”

Akihiro Kadokura, CEO of AGC Europe

Catalonia Trade & Investment attracts 880 million euros in 2023, the highest figure on record

Catalonia Trade & Investment attracted 880 million euros of foreign investment in 2023. This is 43% more than the previous year and the highest figure on record, dating back to 1985.

In total, during 2023, 112 investment projects of foreign companies were executed, 19% more than the previous year and exceeding the 100 projects figure for the first time. These investments created 4,533 jobs, 31% more than in 2022.

If we look at this balance over a broader timescale to avoid the volatile effect of foreign investments, the volume attracted by Catalonia Trade & Investment over the last five years (2019-2023) has been over 2.955 billion euros, 90% more than the previous five-year period (2014-2018). Over the last five years, close to 20,000 jobs (19,154) have been created due to investments of multinationals in Catalonia.

More industrial and diversified investment

In 2023, 67% of foreign investment captured by the Catalan Government (592 million euros) has been of an industrial nature, one of the government's main priorities given that industrial economies are more innovative, more internationalized, more productive and generate more stable and higher quality employment.

By sectors, what stands out the most are those corporate investment projects in the ICT field (26% of the total), life sciences (14%), automotive-mobility (12%), videogames (11%), and food (7%).

In total, investment from 30 different countries has been attracted, the highest figure on record, which shows Catalonia's ability to diversify the sources of new projects. Heading the list comes the United States (with 21% of all projects), followed by France (13%), and the United Kingdom (9%).

Additionally, out of the 112 foreign investment projects happening in Catalonia in 2023, 42% are greenfield, that is, from companies without a previous presence in Catalonia. The remaining 58% are companies already established here and that have expanded or made new investments. This combination demonstrates the potential to continue attracting new investors while also showing the confidence held by those multinationals already present in Catalonia.

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Access the Catalonia Trade & Investment Annual Report 2023.

Catalonia Trade & Investment Annual Report 2023

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Catalonia Trade & Investment Annual Report 2023

Catalonia Trade & Investment attracted 880 million euros of foreign investment in 2023, the highest figure on record.

  • €880M investment

    +42% over the previous year

  • 112 executed investment projects

    +19% more than the previous year

  • 4,533 jobs created

    +31% over the previous year

  • 1,164 jobs maintained

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