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The food industry is Catalonia's No.1 sector. It generates a turnover of over €48 billion, equivalent to 20% of the country's GDP, and directly employs 175,600 people.

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Food & beverage, the principal economy sector in Catalonia.

Catalonia is home to companies from the entire food value chain, from agri-food producers and providers, raw materials and additives, industrial and artisans processors, to the packaging industry and distribution. The Catalonia Industry Suppliers allows you to get in touch with the best partners in the agriculture, food and gourmet products, and wine and beverages categories.

Catalonia – no better place to locate your food and drink business

Most leading food companies in the world, such as Nestlé, Unilever, Kellogg’s, Haribo, and Griffith Foods, have set up productive centers, R&D departments and laboratories, and logistics activities in Catalonia. The region is also chosen as headquarters for Southern Europe or the Iberian Peninsula thanks to its strategic location, giving companies access to major markets in the Mediterranean and North Africa.

The Catalan food industries are well positioned internationally due to their high productivity and competitiveness, as well as a highly developed network of food processing providers. Within Catalonia, specific areas are specialized in different sectors, in fields such as meat, fruits, nuts, and citrus fruits. Moreover, a strong wine and cava industry bears testimony to Catalonia’s long winemaking tradition.

An unparalleled gastronomic offer

Catalonia is world famous for its unique gastronomy, featuring renowned products such as wine, cava, or olive oil. Based on the Mediterranean diet, Catalan cuisine is internationally acclaimed, thanks to its creativity and network of first-class restaurants and food labs that have a clear impact on defining the future of gastronomy.

Several Catalan-famous chefs that have been awarded Michelin stars are Ferran Adrià, Carme Ruscalleda, and the Roca brothers. It is also noteworthy that recently the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) has decided to set up its location in Europe in Barcelona, in the Torribera Mediterranean Center.

“Barcelona and Catalonia offer top research centers that specialize in innovating in food and drink trends”

  • €48,231M in turnover

  • 175,600 employees

  • 20% GDP

A hub for the alternative protein in Europe

Catalonia-based companies like Heura Foods, Flax & Kale, Zyrcular Foods, or Nova Meat are all benchmarks in the European food sector and coming up with innovative, sustainable and healthy solutions based on alternative proteins.

With a gastronomy famous the world over, Catalonia has all it needs to make it unique as the go-to location for new businesses in alternative protein. International players such as Cargill and Bunge have also set up shop in Barcelona-Catalonia.

Breaking ground in the food sector

Barcelona and Catalonia offer top research centers that specialize in innovating in food and drink trends. Healthy food and drinks, food to go, gourmet gastronomy, or “free-from” products are the main tendencies today. Furthermore, food companies are looking for differentiation strategies, also involving related sectors like packaging or leisure.

Catalonia also attracts a great number of visitors to participate in international food and drink events, like Alimentaria, FoodTech, and the leading packaging fair Hispack.


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