Business Location Service in Barcelona-Catalonia

Do you need full, expert, and relevant advice for locating your company in Barcelona-Catalonia?

With Catalonia Trade & Investment you will get all the information you need about industrial buildings, land, business centers or office spaces throughout Barcelona-Catalonia. Choose your new business location based on your specific needs.

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Join other industry leaders in Catalonia.

Barcelona-Catalonia as a business location allows easy access to markets in Europe and strong links to Central and South American markets, all with a highly skilled labor force.

This is why half of the 50 most innovative companies in the world are already established in Catalonia, such as Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, Novartis, Hewlett-Packard, Pfizer, and Roche.

With your specific needs in mind, we do all the groundwork and you get all the options to invest in Catalonia and establish a branch in Barcelona-Catalonia.

7 steps to have the best business location in Barcelona-Catalonia:

  1. Search and completely objective advice with the aim of finding the best location for your business in Barcelona-Catalonia.
  2. Elaboration of a proposal of business locations: explore all your options to invest in Catalonia with detailed information (surface, plot features, road connections…)
  3. Visiting arrangements to different business locations in Barcelona-Catalonia selected by the company (industrial buildings, land, office spaces, logistic centers, business centers, coworking spaces…).
  4. Advice on urban planning, legislation, and management of permits and licenses.
  5. Professional advice on market prices and their evolution. Support to achieve the best conditions in your future agreements.
  6. Information about infrastructures: highways network, airports, ports, railway, public transport...
  7. Information about utilities: water, gas, electricity, optical fiber, telephone network...

We have a unique network of contacts and suppliers, both public and private, that will help you in your process to establish a branch in Barcelona-Catalonia. Trust us to negotiate with real state suppliers and get the best-updated offers and conditions for you to locate your business in Barcelona-Catalonia.

Business Location Service

  • Kronospan

    Javier Martínez

    Board Member & Head Legal Department at Kronospan

    “Our biggest challenge was to find a 25-hectare urban site that could accommodate all of our service requirements. Thanks to the support of Catalonia Trade & Investment, which put us in touch with the right government decision-makers, we overcame all obstacles and successfully identified a suitable site.”

  • MPS

    Enric Rodriguez

    General Manager of MPS Spain

    “Catalonia Trade & Investment has provided excellent landing assistance. They helped us find suitable locations, establish local connections, and attract talent.”