Why invest in Catalonia

Barcelona - Catalonia is open to business and open to the world. A talented proactive workforce in a dynamic business climate offers new companies numerous competitive advantages with workers enjoying Barcelona, a Mediterranean city with the highest quality of life in Southern Europe.

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Catalonia, a land where everything is possible

Catalonia is creativity, innovation, research, commitment, education and hard work. A land where whatever its people imagine can become true thanks to talent and endeavour. A land open to the world and to the challenges facing the future.

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Why invest in Catalonia.

Come to Barcelona-Catalonia and discover Southern Europe's hub for business and life.

  • About Barcelona and Catalonia

    About Barcelona and Catalonia

    Located in Southern Europe, Catalonia and Barcelona have been recognized by the Financial Times for having Europe’s best foreign investment attraction strategy.

  • Industrial Ecosystem

    Industrial Ecosystem

    Barcelona-Catalonia is one of the strongest industrial locations in Europe. It is Spain’s industrial driving force, accounting for 22.3% of its GDP.

  • Strategic location

    Strategic location

    With an excellent transportation system, Barcelona-Catalonia is the top logistics and distribution center for importing, exporting and doing business in Europe.

  • A top region for FDI

    A top region for FDI

    There are over 9,250 world-leading companies that are expanding their operations or establishing new R&D hubs in Catalonia.

  • Research and innovation

    Research and innovation

    Barcelona-Catalonia enjoys a competitive environment that makes it a great location for innovation, entrepreneurship, and R&D activities.

  • Scientific facilities

    Scientific facilities

    Years of public and private commitment to science, technology, and research in Catalonia make us today the place to be for innovation in Spain and Europe. 

  • Talent


    Qualified talent for your operations is readily available in Barcelona-Catalonia with one of the most skilled workforces in Europe located here.

  • Tech and digital hubs

    Tech and digital hubs

    Top international companies are setting up global tech hubs in Barcelona-Catalonia. Skilled talent, a booming startup economy, and excellent quality of life are the main reasons they settle in the region.

  • Strong cluster policy

    Strong cluster policy

    With 30 years of experience in cluster policy in Catalonia, 27 clusters are home to 2,700 firms and other entities with a combined turnover of €70,000M.

  • Quality of life

    Quality of life

    Come to Barcelona-Catalonia and enjoy a high standard of living with competitive costs, a good array of services, the best mobility connections, and a mild climate all year round.

  • Top Internacional Players in Catalonia

    More than 9,250 multinationals operate from Catalonia. Discover the key players in different sectors and business operations and find out where they are located in Catalonia.

    Top Internacional Players in Catalonia
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    Discover how Catalonia ranks in comparison to other countries in Europe.

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  • Success Stories in Barcelona-Catalonia

    Check out the testimonials of international companies already investing in Catalonia (Spain).

    Success Stories in Barcelona-Catalonia