Catalonia hosts a dynamic biotechnological industry, with 311 biotech companies representing 40% of all Spanish biotech companies. Amgen, Inkemia, AB-Biotics, Biokit, Salvat, Reig Jofre, Oryzon, Advancell, Gendiag, Readycell, Bionure, Alexion, GP Pharm, Endor or Lipotec are part of the biotech industry in Catalonia.

Furthermore, Catalonia ranks top among Spain’s autonomous communities in terms of internal expenditure on biotech R&D activities, reaching €454.7 M in 2015, which represents the 29.5% of total Spanish R&D expenditure within the sector.

An active research climate gives added dynamism to the life sciences sector

Catalonia has 89 research institutions working in life sciences or related disciplines like nanotechnology and photonics, among others. These centres have formed over 780 active research groups and more than 360 research projects in main areas of bioinformatics, genetics/genomics and nanotechnology and in the therapeutic areas of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

Major scientific facilities (Alba Synchrotron, MareNostrum Supercomputer and the Centre for Genomic Regulation), one major tech centre (Eurecat) and 14 technology and science parks, are also part of Catalan life sciences system. These research centres have a combined workforce of 11,000 people, 5,660 of which are researchers, and the 18 Catalan university hospitals and 9 hospitals research institutes have more than 5,000 researchers devoted to biomedical research.

On the global radar for FDI investment

According to the Financial Times, Catalonia is considered to be the best Southern European region for investment in 2020 and 2021. In the 2015-2019 period the Catalan life sciences industry registered 38 FDI projects and €572.7M in capital investment and created 31% of all new jobs in the sector within all Spain.

An ecosystem of talent and knowledge

Top Catalan universities train both local and international students with a wide range of life science degrees and masters. Catalan hospitals also stand out as class-leading research centres. Catalonia also has strategic life science clusters, associations and agencies, all with the mission to invigorate the ecosystem to transfer knowledge and technology into economic growth and create a social impact.

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