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The battery industry in Catalonia generates around 700 million euros and is made up of 212 companies with a combined workforce of some 3,000 workers.

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Catalonia, a relevant player in the battery sector in Europe.

The battery sector generates around 700 million euros in Catalonia and is made up of 212 companies with a combined workforce of some 3,000 workers. These figures come from the tech report ‘Batteries in Catalonia,’ drawn up by Catalonia Trade & Investment, which, for the first time, gives an x-ray of the reality of this sector in Catalonia.

The study highlights the industrial, business, and research ecosystem upon which Catalonia positions itself as a relevant player in the European landscape, albeit within a sector still in its very early days.

According to the analysis of the study, 43.9% of these 212 companies are dedicated to battery application and integration, more than half of which are focused on mobility. Search our database to find Catalan companies working in the Batteries & Storage sector.

Likewise, 22.6% operate in the first links of the battery value chain, from materials to systems. Furthermore, 18.4% of companies work in the manufacture and management of electric vehicle chargers.

As regards the kinds of companies, 70% are SMEs, and 18.4% are startups. It is also a globalized sector, with 54.2% of companies being exporters

In addition, the Catalan battery ecosystem is made up of companies throughout the entire value chain, from the active materials, cells, and components to recharging stations and the recycling points that offer a second life, as well as application and integration.

A wide variety of technology centers, research institutes, universities, training centers, and associations complements this environment.

  • 212 companies

  • €681.9M turnover

  • 3,003 employees

Sustainable mobility is boosting the battery sector

Battery use affects a significant part of productive sectors, but its momentum in the area of sustainable mobility is particularly noteworthy.

Automotive, light mobility (such as bicycles or scooters), and heavy (trains, trucks, boats, or planes) are some of the most in-demand applications for this technology.

Energy storage for domestic use or industry is also one of the main applications in the sector, with growing demand from the general public and businesses to move ahead with decarbonization.

Finally, those batteries applied to electronics, cellphones, and medical devices also represent a third major area of demand.

Batteries, a key element to meet the European Green Deal

Batteries, as energy storage systems that produce electrical current, form a key part of decarbonizing our economy.

According to the Catalonia Trade & Investment report, the global battery market turnover will double over the next five years, reaching $91.9 billion in 2026 at an annual growth rate of 14.6%.

Europe is set to become the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050, a goal that means developing a powerful battery ecosystem is especially relevant. This is the case, for example, in the industrial field, as it represents a key technology for any decarbonization plans.



Battery sector in Catalonia

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