Design industries

Design industries

Modern and innovative design are signature trends in Catalonia, home to world-renowned architect Gaudí, whose striking and nature-inspired buildings have had a tremendous influence in the region well beyond architecture.

The design industries – including the textile, shoe, jewelry and habitat sectors – are all a strategic sector in Catalonia, firmly rooted in tradition but with a strong international projection.

Some of the most international fashion brands are Mango, Munich, Nice Things, Pronovias, Tous or Desigual, as well as Textura, Kibuc, Figueras, Marset, Kettal or Roca in the furniture area. The Catalonia Industry Suppliers allows you to search providers by the fashion and textile category, or homewares and furnishings.

17,800 Turnover (M€), 70,000 Employees and 6,500 Companies

Barcelona, an international design centre

Barcelona and Catalonia have an excellent reputation in Europe in design education and are home to some of the most important schools all welcoming thousands of international students each year. Among them, BAU Design College of Barcelona, Eina Art and Design School, Elisava School of Design or Massana School have a consolidated track record in the field.

In recent years, Barcelona has also become one of the favourite locations for architects, designers, photographers, illustrators and creative professionals from all over the world. Professional associations have emerged to watch out for their growth and best interests, such as FAD (Fostering Arts and Design) or ADP (Association of Professional Designers).

Furthermore, due to its creative ecosystem Barcelona is recognized as being an international hub for design and development centres in the sector. Some examples include companies like Reebok, XAL, Stradivarius, Bershka, Massimo Dutti, Philips, Desigual, Mango, M.C.B and Asics.

The Barcelona Brand

Barcelona holds a strong city brand. Design “Made in Barcelona”, based on strong values such as tradition, modernism, creativity and innovation, has a characteristic style and is highly coveted internationally. Furthermore, Barcelona as a city has become a benchmark in Europe and in the world for a number of reasons, including the 22@Barcelona district, which is a pioneering innovation and technology district, a large network of leading service companies, and a deeply rooted entrepreneurial spirit.

A textile industry always ahead of latest technologies

Ever since the industrial revolution, Catalonia has always had an important textile and fashion sector. This background has left its mark on today’s industry, where fashion design and innovation play a key role to ensure providers meet the high-quality standards of the manufacturing processes. Catalonia hosts an important pool of technological centres doing research in the textile industry, such as Eurecat, Fitex or Intertex.

The fashion and textile industry in Catalonia accounted for 30% of total exports in Spain over the last decade, a clear sign of the sector’s significance. Many foreign companies, such as ASICS, Louis Vuitton, Pepe Jeans, Ermenegildo Zegna, Nike or Muji, have decided on Barcelona and Catalonia to set up their headquarters for the Iberian Peninsula or for Southern Europe.

New trends in the habitat sector

The homeware and furnishings sector in Catalonia – manufacturers of furniture, lighting, home textiles, taps and sanitary ware, and floor and wall coverings – is a growing and internationalized industry, strong in activities related to design. It is quickly adapting to new challenges like robotics, artificial intelligence or Internet of Things to provide the best solutions to emerging needs.

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