Mobile and videogames

Mobile and videogames

The Catalan video game industry is one of the most dynamic sectors in the digital content field, positioning itself as the driving force for the digital economy. The industry has excellent business opportunities and positive job creation prospects as it is taking shape as a young, innovative industry with global vision.

National and international video game companies have invested in Catalonia, from local young entrepreneurs that have ended up being bought over, such as Social Point or Akamon, to major multinational companies, such as King, Bandai Namco, Scopely or Ubisoft.

Under the spotlight in terms of FDI and a great place to grow

In the last 5 years, Catalonia has been the 2nd region in Europe in FDI job creation in the video game industry. In the same period, Catalonia has been the 3rd European region in FDI projects in video games, representing a capital investment of €36.31M, and has concentrated the 80% of the FDI projects received within the video game sector in Spain.

Barcelona is recognized as the best technological ecosystem in Southern Europe and some of the companies born here are known for their growth potential. The city is Western Europe’s most attractive metropolitan area for investment (site selection), and a global benchmark for smart and mobile cities.

Why is Catalonia good for the gaming industry?

Catalonia offers excellent investment opportunities for the establishment of R&D centres in game programming, HQ & sales offices, and strong growth trends that may offer additional business opportunities in some fields such as porting and gamification activities. The video game ecosystem in is innovative and dynamic, being the most important video game hub in Spain, and one of the biggest in Europe, growing at a double-digit pace in the last years.

Furthermore, Catalonia has a wide offer of specialized video game training programmes and a high standard of living and quality of life, being considered one of the most attractive cities in the world with competitive labour costs for the video game industry. In addition, Barcelona is considered the 4th most creative city in the world, and Europe’s most innovative. It hosts events such as the Mobile World Congress, the Barcelona Games World, ESL Competitions and market accelerators as the BCN Gamelab.

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Success stories

Javier Ferreira, Scopely

Barcelona is a hub for great talent, whether local or from across Europe, and the location and growing industry is able to attract key expertise for mobile gaming