Digital content and media

Digital content and media

Publishing, cinema, graphic design and the fine arts in general have historically flourished in Catalonia, with a community of innovative, dynamic companies in production and services. The industry is also served by significant number of production facilities and a good supply of location services and auxiliary audiovisual services: technical equipment, props, sets, castings, logistics, consulting, etc. Not to mention a considerable supply of post-production services such as editing, special effects, dubbing, sound, recording and labs.

The total number of companies in the audiovisual sector in Catalonia adds up to 1,862, 88% of them working in cinema, video and audio recording, and 12% dedicated to radio and TV broadcasting.

The outreach of media in Catalonia

This industry has a major impact on the economy, society and culture. It calls for an intensive use of ICTs and feeds on Catalonia’s excellent telecommunications infrastructure. It is also nurtured by a local culture of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship and one that understands the rapid, profound changes undergoing the industry.

More recently, audiovisual creation in television, advertising, animation, video games, and content and services in new formats has grown due to the resources available in terms of human capital, infrastructure and entrepreneurship.

Leading schools in digital content

8 universities offer audiovisual communication and sound and image studies in Catalonia, while there are also some 200 TV and cinema production companies. The Cinema and Audiovisual School of Catalonia (ESCAC) is one of the best schools in the world, according to the major industry journals such as The Hollywood Reporter and Premier.

The Catalan multimedia and audiovisual production sector is extremely active in both innovative and creative content and also in trends and future developments, such as intelligent content, interactivity, personalization, technological changes and new business concepts and models.

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