Opening up to new markets

There are 10,000 winegrowers and 853 wine companies in Catalonia, generating a turnover of 1,600M€. With 11 Denominations of Origin (D.O.), the industry takes quality seriously, the domestic market share is rising (33.5% Catalan D.O.) and is opening up internationally: Catalonia is the area with the largest number of exporting wineries in Spain, with 270 companies that have exported at one point in the last four years. The main importers are Germany, the US, Belgium, the UK, Japan, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Canada and Sweden.

New packaging formats, the creation of experiences, organizing seminars and workshops on wine culture and wine are all strategies aimed at improving wine marketing. Abroad, the best way to close commercial agreements between wineries, importers, distributors and restaurateurs is by means of personal presentation of Catalan wines to professionals in various countries.

The Catalan Wines programme

The Catalan Wines programme promotes wines and cava from Catalonia in different countries. It organizes tasting events that put in contact professionals from the wine sector with Catalan cellars. The programme runs yearly in the Unites States and Germany, and in different countries on a timely basis. 

The United States and Germany are two of the world’s main wines importers and consumption in these countries is growing constantly. The US is the world’s top wine importer, while Germany is the leading consumer of sparkling wines. The Catalan Wines programme targets German and American buyers, importers, distributors, restaurateurs and sommeliers so they can learn about Catalan wines and cava. The ultimate goal is to facilitate the entry of the Catalan wineries into these two countries, strengthening their points of sale and boosting product marketing.

Since its launch, Catalan Wines has also organized tasting events in Copenhagen (2016) and Brussels (2017), gathering more than 100 importers and distributors. In 2019, the city of Utrecht (Netherlands) will hold a tasting event, and Japan and Switzerland will be covered in 2020. 

Catalan Wines USA

Since 2010, Catalan Wines USA has organized more than 25 professional wine tasting events in different US cities. Over 50 wineries from 10 different Catalan D.O.s participated in the sessions with 2 out of 3 repeating the experience over different years. 73% of participating wineries have closed trade agreements with the United States. This service includes logistics issues related to approval of labelling or product storage at destination.

Weine aus Katalonien

Since 2014 Weine aus Katalonien is present in Germany. In addition to tasting events, this service includes consulting services and a digital promotional platform that helps familiarize German consumers with Catalan products and optimize a winery’s investment in digital marketing. Since the start of the programme it has already organized events in Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt that have promoted more than 60 wines from a total of 25 Catalan wineries.

The United States and Germany are two of the world’s main wines importers and consumption in these countries is growing constantly.

Catalan Wines USA

Weine aus Katalonien