About this directory

Catalonia Industry Suppliers

The Catalonia Industry Suppliers directory provides information on companies, products and productive capacities in Catalonia so that international companies can find suppliers and partners easily.

With more than 3,000 industrial companies and accurate up-to-date information on goods and services, it is the main search tool for an international company actively looking for new suppliers or partners, considering doing business or investing in Catalonia or finding new products to distribute. Find your supplier now!

Through the Catalonia Industry Suppliers, your company gains access to the latest business opportunities received and provided by the Catalonia Trade & Investment offices around the world.

As well as giving companies a search tool to find providers, it is also an online space with the main insights and agents making up the entire industrial ecosystem in Catalonia. It is aimed at promoting industry on an international level and generating international business opportunities for both companies located in Catalonia and companies considering doing business in Catalonia.

The companies included are as follows:

  • Companies of a certain size, with more than 10 employees or a turnover of over €2M.
  • Companies manufacturing or with productive activity in Catalonia and creating wealth and employment in Catalonia.
  • Companies with export capacity and experience.
  • Companies with an international online presence, a minimum online international profile -a space in either English or in the language of the company’s main export markets, which is a basic tool in order to sell internationally.

If you wish to be part of our directory, please register here.

The Catalonia Industry Suppliers is one of the measures of the Catalonia Industry Agreement to allow international companies to find productive capacities in Catalonia, to provide visibility and positioning of industries in Catalonia, and to generate business in those companies manufacturing and generating employment in Catalonia.

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