David Catrini, PepsiCo: “It's very easy to attract and retain talent in Barcelona”

12 Dec 2022


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American company PepsiCo installed its main digital hub in Barcelona for all global transformation projects. This is the biggest hub for PepsiCo internationally with a target to reach 400 employees by the end of 2024.

David Catrini, Global Digital Products Director - IBP at PepsiCo, tells how Barcelona has an excellent ecosystem of startups, multinational companies and universities. The capacity to attract and retain talent in Barcelona-Catalonia, and a great quality of life, are two other factors to consider when setting up in Barcelona.

PepsiCo participated in Tech Spirit Barcelona 2022, a flagship event for the startup community in Catalonia. Watch the experiences of Danone and Nestlé!

You can also watch the conference Why do big companies choose Barcelona? Digital Hubs in the city


“It's very easy to attract and retain talent in Barcelona because it's a fantastic city with great quality of life.”

David Catrini, Global Digital Products Director - IBP at PepsiCo 

PepsiCo chose Barcelona for many reasons but mainly for its fantastic digital ecosystem, including startups, universities, and other multinational and technological companies.

For PepsiCo it's crucial to have access to talent that understands business to collaborate and innovate together.  


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