Nicolas Cosqueric, Danone: “Barcelona has a fantastic technology ecosystem with 2,000 startups”

12 Dec 2022




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The French food company Danone opened in Barcelona its first technological hub in Spain, creating 50 new jobs specializing in technology and data analysis.

Nicolas Cosqueric, CIO for Southern Europe at Danone, highlights in this interview that Barcelona has an excellent tech ecosystem with 2,000 startups, a renowned school system and attractiveness to international talent.

Danone participated in Tech Spirit Barcelona 2022, a flagship event for the startup community in Catalonia. Watch the experiences of Nestlé and PepsiCo!

You can also watch the conference Why do big companies choose Barcelona? Digital Hubs in the city




“Barcelona is super attractive to international talent, so that brings everything we can wish for”

Nicolas Cosqueric, CIO for Southern Europe at Danone



Danone chose Barcelona to install its new Digital Hub for two main reasons. The first one it's that Danone was born in Barcelona more than 100 years ago, so the city connects directly with Danone's roots.

According to Nicolas Cosqueric, the second reason is that Barcelona is in the middle of a great technology ecosystem, innovative technology, and excellent universities. All these reasons bring together everything Danone wishes. 



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