Skello creates 55 jobs in Barcelona with the opening of its first office outside France

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28 Nov 2023

The tech company aims to make its Catalan headquarters a hub for its business expansion strategy into other countries.

The French tech firm Skello, which has developed a human resources management program for the hospitality sector, has generated 55 jobs in Barcelona this year with the launch of its first office outside France.

To set up in Catalonia, the company was supported by Catalonia Trade & Investment via the International Trade and Investment Office in Paris.

“Barcelona acts as an ideal springboard for expanding into new markets, capitalizing on its economic environment and cultural diversity”

Marc Pagès, Skello's Country Manager

Two years ago, Skello entered the Catalan capital with a team of three and anticipates further job creation in the coming months as its Barcelona operations expand. The company's business volume has surged by 500% compared to 2022.

According to Skello's Country Manager, Marc Pagès, "Barcelona acts as an ideal springboard for expanding into new markets, capitalizing on its economic environment and cultural diversity." He also asserts, "We have confidence that Barcelona will play a key role in our medium and long-term growth plans".

Specializing in the hospitality and restaurant sectors – while also working on the incorporation of new sectors – this tech company has developed software enabling bars and restaurants to manage employee shifts and organize schedules and days off. The company claims that through its application, clients save an average of 30 hours per month on administrative tasks.

Operating from Barcelona, Skello serves both the Spanish and French markets, collaborating with nearly 1,000 restaurants nationwide – including Michelin-starred establishments such as Juan Mari Arzak's Arzak – as well as Mirabé, Tierra Brava, and the Garden Pizza chain.

Founded in 2016 in Paris, the company currently employs 275 people across its French offices and the Barcelona branch.

French companies established in Barcelona-Catalonia

In 2023, Catalonia is home to 1,287 subsidiaries of French companies, 3.5% over the previous year. France is the second-largest country in terms of corporate presence in the region, accounting for 14% of the total.

According to the latest study by Catalonia Trade & Investment, the number of foreign subsidiaries in Catalonia stands at 9,255, an all-time high and a 62% increase over the past decade.

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