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15 Feb 2023


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Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) is the world's leading audiovisual exhibition, showcasing technology innovators and solutions providers and attracting companies worldwide. During ISE 2023 edition in Barcelona, the ISE Open Innovation Challenge 2023 took place, where corporations and startups from all over the world connected with forefront technology providers through B2B meetings.

Kids&Us, Antaix, and Kriskadecor were companies that attended the Open Innovation Challenge's 2023 edition and shared the reasons why they participated in the event and how it connects them with their businesses' innovation strategies.

“This event hugely benefits companies to enlarge their network of contacts and find partners or collaborators in innovation projects.”

Marta Garcia, CPO at Kids&Us

Marta García, CPO at Kids&Us, commented: "At this Innovation Challenge Kids&Us is looking for participating in the innovation environment and getting in touch with all the actors of the Edtech sector. This event is very useful, interesting and productive in terms of allowing companies such as Kids&Us to enlarge our network of contacts in order to find possible partners or future collaborators in innovation projects".

For Xisco Fernández, Design & Innovation Manager at Kriskadecor, the event "is an excellent showcase for us to find new partners and develop our product and manufacturing process. It is an excellent opportunity to open our company worldwide."

The most sought-after technologies selected by some companies interviewed at the event were Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data.

The video features interviews with: 

  • Marta Garcia, CPO at Kids&Us 
  • Joan Gaya, Export Manager at Antaix 
  • Xisco Fernández, Design, and innovation Manager at Kriskadecor 

The ISE Open Innovation Challenge was financed by the Enterprise Europe Network.

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