German company GEDIA will invest €12 million in a new production line for electric vehicle components for the Volkswagen Group

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03 Jul 2023

The company plans to create about 50 jobs at the Barcelona plant (Santa Margarida i els Monjos).

The German company GEDIA, specializing in component manufacture for the automotive sector, will invest more than 12 million euros to start a new production line for the Volkswagen Group at its plant in Santa Margarita i els Monjos (Barcelona). Specifically, the company will incorporate new specialized machinery to manufacture the metal structural support for electric vehicle instrument panels.

This was announced by the CEO of GEDIA Spain, David Martín, during the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the company's activity in Catalonia. 

The event was also attended by the Minister of Territory, Ester Capella, accompanied by the Director General of Industry, Oriol Alcoba. The company is being supported by ACCIÓ-Catalonia Trade & Investment for its expansion plans in Catalonia.

“Investment projects such as Gedia's are particularly important because the automotive industry is undergoing a period of transition to the concept of sustainable mobility, an essential change due to climate requirements.”

Ester Capella, Minister of Territory of Catalonia

GEDIA Spain’s CEO, David Martín, appreciated the support of their “partners, from business and educational associations, and also from the Administration during these 25 years” and requested “to continue supporting industry, with financial instruments and with agility, in our region, as it guarantees the creation of value and wealth for future generations.”

During the event, Minister Capella explained that "the automotive sector is facing many challenges related to its electrification and decarbonization: not only do we have to reduce fuel consumption during the operation of vehicles, but we have to do so throughout their entire life cycle, from the beginning of their manufacture."

For this reason, "investment projects such as GEDIA's that we know today is particularly important because the automotive industry is going through a period of transition towards the concept of sustainable mobility, an essential change due to climate requirements, but also so that our industry continues to have a relevant position in the new reality of the sector worldwide," she stressed.

From its subsidiary in Catalonia, GEDIA plans to start supplying these new components in series in 2026 and reach maximum production two years later, when they estimate manufacturing over 2,800 units per day. In order to reach this productive volume, the company estimates that it will need to deploy a workforce of one hundred people. 

Approximately half of these professionals could be newly created jobs, “depending on how the company's activity finally evolves during the years of transformation towards the electric vehicle,” Martín explained. GEDIA currently has a workforce of over 350 workers in Catalonia.

The company has facilities covering some 65,000 m2 in Santa Margarida i els Monjos, half of which is allocated to industrial warehouses and productive equipment. Since 2019, the company has invested nearly 30 million euros in its plant in Catalonia, with the aim of adapting to vehicle electrification requirements. 

GEDIA España has destined these investments towards the construction of a new 4,500 m2 plant, which has allowed them to incorporate new hot stamping lines with its unique technology (Temperbox®), as well as production lines for 3D laser cutting and other technologies related to industry 4.0 and production digitalization, such as artificial vision or RFID (radio frequency identification).

Headquartered in Attendorn (Germany), GEDIA Automotive Group, in addition to Catalonia, has production plants along with development and engineering centers in various European countries (Sweden, Poland, and Hungary), as well as Mexico, the United States, China, and India

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