Catalonia's technological hubs generate more than 15,000 jobs

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21 Feb 2023

In the last five years, the number of technology hubs in Barcelona and Catalonia has more than doubled, reaching 96 hubs, 78% of them based in Barcelona.

Catalonia consolidates its position as a pole of attraction for talent and technological projects, with more than 15,000 job positions in technology companies established in Catalonia that generate an economic impact of more than 1,400 million euros annually. 

This is one of the conclusions drawn from the Tech Hubs report promoted by Mobile World Capital Barcelona with the collaboration of ACCIÓ-Catalonia Trade & Investment and Barcelona's City Hall

In the last five years, the number of technology hubs in Barcelona and Catalonia has more than doubled, reaching 96 hubs, 78% of them based in Barcelona.

According to the Tech Hubs report, the turnover of these technology companies exceeds 1,400 million euros per year. The forecast for 2025 is to reach 20,000 jobs and 2,000 million euros in turnover.

The results of the report were presented today at a press conference by the CEO of ACCIÓ-Catalonia Trade & Investment, Albert Castellanos, the CEO of Mobile World Capital Barcelona, Francesc Fajula, the third deputy Mayor of Barcelona and responsible for the Economy, Work, Competitiveness, and Finance, Laia Bonet, and the director of the Digital Talent program of Mobile World Capital Barcelona and spokesperson for Barcelona Digital Talent, Jordi Arrufí.

“The growth of technological hubs in Barcelona is an upward trend that is expected to be maintained for 2025 with a forecast of 20,000 jobs”

According to the Tech Hub report of Mobile World Capital Barcelona.

Barcelona, a great pole of attraction

Of all the technological hubs established in Catalonia, 78% have their office in Barcelona. Of these, 46% of the companies preferred the 22@ Sant Martí-Poblenou area, followed by the Eixample (28%). The rest of the hubs are in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area. The companies participating in the study chose the city for its ability to attract multi-disciplinary talent, the high level of local talent, the established business and industrial ecosystem, and its geographical location.

The implementation of new technological hubs, the expansion of the tasks of existing ones, and, consequently, the creation of more jobs are a constant. Prove of that is the fact that there are nearly 40% of companies with over 100 workers.

The arrival of international talent is also noteworthy. Four out of ten employees are foreigners; on average, companies have workers of 18 different nationalities. In addition, 86% of the people who work in a tech hub are between 31 and 40 years old, showing that technology is not only something for the youngest but also for professionals who already have years of working experience. The study on tech hubs also reflects that 30% of women already work in this sector, a figure higher than previous studies.

Diverse sectors in the technological hubs

Regarding the hubs' specialization, the study reflects that most work in the gaming and industrial sectors. Many work in the health, financial services, or food industries. Some of the technologies developed by these centers are digital applications (APPs), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Systems Architecture, 3D printers, and cybersecurity

According to the report, Catalonia and Barcelona's hubs export practically worldwide. In addition to Europe, they also reach North America, South America, and Asia. If we look at the origin of the technology companies, 66% are European, and 23% are from the United States.

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