Avinent builds on success with new 2,000m2 facility

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06 Oct 2011

The dental implant specialist avinent today opened a brand new 2,000m2 plant in santpedor, (50km north of barcelona), which clearly attests to its ongoing growth in the sector. the firm is expected to attain year on year growth of 35.5% on the last financial year and has expanded the workforce by 12% for the present one. the new facility is “highly specialised” and counts on a number of clean rooms maintained under the strictest microbiological conditions, chemical treatment rooms and titanium working areas among others.

avinent was set up in 2006, and since then has achieved a client base of 3,000. it is now going through a major phase of expansion in its implant and dental prosthesis business and forecasts estimate the firm will end the year with a turnover of €8 million, adding a further nine employees throughout the year to push the existing workforce up to a total of 75 workers.

avinent is part of the vilardell purtí group, which employs a total of 234 workers. company turnover for 2011 is due to be in the region of €24 million with exports accounting for just over 80% of the firm’s production.

source: expansión, 15/9/2011

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