Food and Gourmet Products

Food and Gourmet Products

Over 3,900 companies in Catalonia constitute one of Europe’s largest food clusters. Barcelona and Catalonia offer a sophisticated market, the whole food and drink value chain, top research centers, talent and know-how for food and gourmet projects.

Catalonia is home to food associations representing the main subsectors, such as the Meat Cluster -which leads the food sector by the number of employees (40%) and turnover (32%)-, the Wine & Cava Cluster, the Foodservice Cluster or the Catalonia Gourmet Cluster.

Catalonia Gourmet

The gourmet sector is growing rapidly with high gastronomy, organized food service, and local and international consumers searching for unique, quality products. Catalonia Gourmet is the cluster that gathers a high-quality network of Catalan gourmet companies of a wide range of products, such as olive oil, cheese, or specialty sweets. Companies in the cluster have grown at 20% rates during the last few years and are heavily export-oriented, thanks to an innovation-based strategy aimed at winning new and more demanding consumers.

Top exporter

Catalonia is the leading exporting region in Spain, concentrating 21.3% of Spanish agri-food exports (2019). Food accounted for 12.4% of total Catalan exports. Furthermore, Catalonia is home to 31.5% of the total number of companies in Spain that export food and drinks.

First destination for foreign investment

Catalonia is the top food and drinks FDI destination in Spain, representing almost 1/4 of the Spanish sector in terms of projects (24.1%), capital investment (22.8%), and jobs created (24.4%). 26 FDI projects were recorded in Catalonia between 2014 and 2019, according to fDi Markets data. These projects represent a total capital investment of €552M, and 1,546 jobs created.

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Anne McBride, The Culinary Institute of America

Barcelona has a very strong food industry and a great restaurant scene. It's really at the crossroads of everything that you can seek to achieve