Homewares and furnishings

Homewares and furnishings

The homeware and furnishings industry – manufacturers of furniture, lighting, home textiles, taps and sanitary ware, and floor and wall coverings – in Catalonia is a growing and internationalized sector. Kriskadecor, Estiluz, Ripleg, Simon, Figueras, Lamp, Kibuc, Roca or Nani Marquina are some of the local companies that have made a name for themselves internationally.

Catalonia is a smart choice to locate an operations centre in Europe, and foreign companies like Ikea, Westwing, Muji or Hempel have already trusted the business advantages and network providers in the habitat and furniture sector here.

New challenges in the growing homeware and furnishings sector

The sector in Catalonia is prepared to face new challenges that will impact fully on the use and functionality of its products. For example, a growing urban – and aging– population is leading to the compression of living spaces and demanding home solutions connected to healthcare services.

New sustainability requirements and circular economy standards is forcing companies to rethink traditional business models. Raw materials are being reused, as well as biodegradable ones are used to design new product lines.

Interacting with technologies of the future

Hyperconnectivity, thanks to the IoT, is also transforming products on a massive scale, as is the current need for personalisation and individual well-being. And new innovative technologies such as robotics, 5G and AI, will all define a whole new range of product features.

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