US multinational tech data gets barcelona operations base underway with 400 new workers

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13 Feb 2012

The american multinational tech data, one of the world’s leading logistic and ict product suppliers, has now set up an international operations centre in the zona franca near the port of barcelona, which will be taking on 400 employees during a two year period.

the catalan subsidiary will provide service for all tech data’s european offices, in which the firm is market leader. by the end of the year it is planned that there will be some 100 people working at the centre, with the figure scheduled to rise steadily to 400 employees by the end of the coming year. the barcelona operation aims to reach sales of €3 million the current year. among the services being managed from barcelona will be those of billing, deliveries and payments, purchasing, management of software licences, logistics control and the creation of a software factory. in the future it is also planned to run financial and cash management services from the centre.

the project has been provided with support from invest in catalonia, the trade promotion and inward investment attraction agency of the catalan department of industry and the location of the new site for catalonia was chosen after fierce competition from possible alternatives in the uk and poland.

tech data has a combined workforce of 4,200 in europe and a turnover of €11 billion for sales on the continent.

source: invest in catalonia

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