Ubisoft, developing AAA video games from Barcelona

26 Apr 2021


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The French company Ubisoft is a worldwide benchmark in the video games sector. In Barcelona, the firm opened a studio in 1998 and, since then, has participated in several blockbuster games such as Assassin's Creed or Rainbow Six.
Ubisoft takes advantage of the robust mobile industry in Barcelona-Catalonia, enriched by indies, developers, small studios, and big corporations that have built Southern Europe’s formidable video game hub. Two other reasons to keep growing in Barcelona-Catalonia are its high quality of life and a strong pool of talent.
Watch the full interview with Javier Capel, Studio Manager at Ubisoft Barcelona.

“Barcelona has a robust mobile industry. AAA, PC, and console studios are increasingly settling in the city, making it even more exciting for everyone. ”

Javier Capel, Studio Manager at Ubisoft Barcelona.


During the interview, Javier Capell tells us that Ubisoft has more than 30 studios in different cities worldwide. Since its establishment in Barcelona, the company has been growing during the last few years, reaching 160 developers in the studio today. Ubisoft has been involved in developing more than 25 video games, focusing primarily on big AAA video games titles.

For Javier, Studio Manager at Ubisoft Barcelona, the city's video games ecosystem has evolved significantly during the last 20 years. As a result, Barcelona has a robust mobile industry, and it's, in fact, the mobile's world capital. AAA, PC, and console studios are increasingly settling in the city, making it even more exciting for everyone. 


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