The textile company Mango invests 88 million in its Barcelona logistics plant

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23 Feb 2022

The Catalan company Mango, Spain’s second largest fashion distributor, is strengthening its logistics activity with an 88-million-euro investment in its centre in Lliçà d’Amunt (Barcelona).

The expansion, planned for in the original design of the logistics plant, will increase the centre’s footprint by 90,000 square metres, which currently covers 190,000 square metres.

Of the 88 million euros, 42 million euros will go to construction; 41 million to intralogistics and technological developments, and 5 million to facilities and sustainability.

This increase in investment is largely due to the installation of a greater number of photovoltaic panels and other consumption control mechanisms, as well as the strengthening the intralogistics and technology linked to the development of online activity.

Out of Lliçà d’Amunt, Mango serves all its distribution channels, including its own stores, franchises, corners and e-commerce in the more than 110 countries where the group operates, as well as serving end customers.

The purpose of the expansion is to allow the centre to affront the growth of ecommerce logistics – which in 2020 contributed 42% of the group's revenue – to give greater capacity and agility to the shipping area, support the company’s new business lines and respond to international growth. Furthermore, it will allow the company to save 25% in online channel preparation costs.

Mango is currently making progress on the construction of the building, which began last year, and is expected to be completed by the end of the first half.

Founded in 1984, Mango today is one of the world’s leading fashion groups. With its origins and headquarters in Barcelona, ​​it has an extensive network of 803,000 m2 in more than 110 countries.


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