The multinational Sopura invests 5 million euros to expand its Tàrrega plant, which will house a dairy sector R&D&I centre

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07 Dec 2016

Situated in the capital of the Urgell county of Catalonia the firm employs 25 people and exports 50% of its production, supplying southern Europe, North Africa and Latin America. 

This Thursday, the Belgian multinational Sopura inaugurated the expansion of its facilities in the Sopura Chemical production centre in Tàrrega’s Canaleta industrial park. The firm has invested 5 million euros in this new centre, equipped with a laboratory out of which it will develop its R&D&I projects for the dairy sector, both in new product areas, and in technical support. Sopura is specialized in the manufacture of cleaning, disinfection and lubricants for the food industry. It employs 25 people in Tàrrega and, with a turnover of 7.7 million euros, exports 50% of its production to markets in southern Europe, North Africa and Latin America. 

With these new facilities, Sopura will triple the capacity of its old plant to 12,000 tonnes per year. According to the group’s president, Monique Coppieters, the aim of the investment is to have a full version of the Sopura factory in Belgium and thus guarantee the supply of products to customers. Moreover, the idea is to share current and future production. 

The opening ceremony was chaired by the President of the Provincial Council of Lleida, Joan Reñé and the Secretary for Business and Competitiveness, Joan Aregio. They both stressed that the commitment of multinationals such as Sopura towards consolidating and expanding production in Catalonia demonstrates the confidence in the region and that the employment situation is showing signs of recuperation. 

The mayor of Tàrrega, Rosa Maria Perelló, was one of the other public figures who also attended the event. She spoke about how the city is strategically located thanks to being “close to everywhere'' and added that Sopura’s commitment to the area gave ''energy'' to the town’s industrial sector. 

Sopura is a family group of companies with its headquarters in Courcelles (Belgium). Operations in the Tàrrega plant began in 1985. The company has redirected its business towards the beer industry, which now represents 80% of the group’s turnover. Recently it also has diversified into water treatment products. 

Currently the Sopura group has 5 production centres in Belgium, Spain, Australia, Vietnam and South Africa, as well as warehouses and distributors all over the world. In 2018 it will open a new plant in Senneffe, in Belgium, replacing the present one in Courcelles.

Source: ACN Tàrrega

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