TBSCG opens a new software centre in barcelona

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16 Sep 2013

The london based software company tbscg (the banyan solutions consulting group) has opened a new centre in barcelona as part of its plans to expand the firm’s capacity to provide design, hosting, consulting and web support to its customers. 

two major factors have been pivotal in this decision. firstly, the availability of highly qualified workforce at a competitive cost, and secondly, barcelona’s ability to act as the ideal springboard from which to develop future expansion in latin america. 

the project kicks off initially with a small office employing 15 people by the end of this year, and will focus initially on software development. the company is expecting a significant increase in its sales figures in 2014. 

tbscg has been assisted by invest in catalonia, the inward investment agency of catalonia, and barcelona activa, the barcelona municipal development unit.

source: invest in catalonia, 16/9/2013

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