Norrsken opens a center for startups and entrepreneurs in Barcelona

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07 Oct 2022

The Swedish foundation Norrsken announced the opening of Norrsken House Barcelona, a 10,000 square meter building in the Catalan capital that will act as a co-working space for over 800 members.

According to the company’s release, Norrsken House Barcelona will bring together Europe’s most impactful startups, investors, talent, and business leaders, to create a pan-European hub for impact entrepreneurship.

The space will be located in a beachfront building in the Barceloneta area that belongs to the fashion firm Desigual.

The new center will open in 2023 and it’s the third one operated by Norrsken. Norrsken House Stockholm, in Sweden, is the largest hub for tech and impact in northern Europe, and Norrsken House Kigali, in Rwanda, is East Africa’s largest hub for tech and startups.

Norrsken has raised several venture capital funds, including Norrsken VC, a $130 million investment in entrepreneurs that solve global challenges, and Norrsken22, a $200 million growth fund backing entrepreneurs building Africa’s new tech unicorns.

Source: Norrsken

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