New state of the art tetra-pak carton recycling plant opens in barcelona

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07 Sep 2011

The new clean plant run by palwaste recycling in castellbisbal, owned by the storaenso group has opened following an investment of over €8million in the latest technology. the plant, which is due to take on a further 15 workers, will be able to reprocess some 30,000 tonnes of tetrabriks per year, making it a world leader in terms of volume. it will also be the only factory in the world capable of completely separating and recycling 100% of tetrapak cartons, for reuse of both paper and aluminium content whilst using the energy stored in the plastic component.

 “it’s a small miracle,” insists juan vila, director general of storaenso barcelona, who went on to add that the new project which began in 2003 has enabled to pass from 75% of cartons being recycled to a full 100% without producing any further waste in the process.

source: la vanguardia, 06/9/2011

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