Nestlé Girona becomes the largest Nescafé factory in Europe

Business Investments

27 Mar 2015

nestlé has announced an investment of 102 million euros for the period 2015-2017 on its factory in girona, which will become the largest factory of nescafe instant coffee that the group has in europe and the third of the world (after the ones in brasil and mexico). the new line will increase the production by 30%, which will go entirely for export. 

the new plant will be built on 10,000 m2, and “80% of the investment will benefit businesses in the region" said michael serra, the technical director. "this enlargement provides the basis for future developments" said ceo laurent dereux, who emphasized nestlé dual training plan with a high school in girona, within its program to support youth employment. 

during 2007-2014, nestlé has invested in girona 236 million euros, mainly adressed to the launch of dolce gusto, which also meant hiring 300 people, up to a total staff of some 700 workers.

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