Menshen grows in catalonia and creates an innovation center

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11 Jun 2013

menshen the leading german company supplier of plastic solutions for a wide range of industries, and especially for the packaging industry, has invested 500,000 € in a new innovation centre at the leitat technological centre facilities in terrassa, catalonia. the menshen innovation support centre, as it will be named, will be responsible for the r+d+i activity of the whole group, which has facilities in 11 countries in america, asia and europe.

the centre, which has been advised by invest in catalonia, will follow the open innovation principles. it will collaborate for its research with leitat itself and other technological and r+d centres. menshen’s innovation initiatives, are made in close collaboration with its customers which many times are the holders of patents and know –how of the new discoveries, processes and solutions.

menshen supplies products and services to industries like health care, household materials, detergents, chemical, shoes or pharmaceuticals. its present focus on the food and drink industries has favoured choosing catalonia for its new innovation centre. menshen was already present in catalonia since 1996 with a factory in molins de rei (20 km from barcelona). the catalonia center employs 90 people and covers the european markets, where it exports 55% of its production.

source: generalitat de catalunya

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