Macsa opens new plant to triple production and create 14 new jobs

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10 Dec 2011

The company macsa opened its new plant in st joan de vilatorrada in bages (central catalonia) yesterday at a cost of €700,000. according to a spokesperson from the firm, the new facility will enable the company to “triple output and create 14 new jobs.” the new facility has been created with a view to enhancing its core business; that of laser identification, coding and marking machine manufacture.

the company, which has worked its way up to a current 10% of world market share in the business, expects to reach a turnover of €22 million this financial year, 18% up on last year’s figure. the company exports practically half its production, mainly to east asian markets such as south korea and china as well as australia, and boasts such big name business partners as samsung, lg or hyundai among others.

according to ceo jordi piñot, the new plant will enable the firm to expand from being a large cottage industry into a major player, batch manufacturing, which will in turn see output capacity soar and production costs per unit shrink. the company, founded in manresa and the only firm in spain manufacturing laser marking machinery, is set to be turning out some 2,000 laser units per shift when the facility is running at full steam.

source: la vanguardia, 8/12/2011

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