Louis Vuitton due to create 500 jobs in Catalonia

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20 Dec 2011

The major french luxury goods manufacturer louis vuitton, which includes such brands as louis vuitton and loewe, has just opened its fourth factory in catalonia, where its entire spanish production is centred. the plant covers 3,000m2 with capacity for over 500 workers. the facility will focus on the manufacture of leather goods, such as bags, purses and wallets.

lvmh runs a further three factories in catalonia, all situated in the town of barberà del vallès, just outside barcelona, the first of which opened in 1990, followed by another in 2002. both plants, which are working at full capacity, are focused on the production of small leather goods. in 2006, the group opened a third production facility in catalonia, which is now the sole producer of belts for the company worldwide.

the newly opened factory is located handily near girona airport in the village of riudellots de la selva. company sources explained yesterday that the new factory has been created in response to all-round growth of the firm. the group intends the factory to grow in terms of production by some 30% a year over the coming 7 to 8 years according to eventual demand from the market, which would bring the workforce up to between 500 and 600 employees. louis vuitton have invested nearly €10 million in the building of the new manufacturing base alone, to which the lease payments of the plot must be added.

all in all the lvmh group provides jobs for over 1,000 people in catalonia, and therefore it comes as no surprise that recently the french chamber of commerce in barcelona awarded a prize to lvmh for their ongoing commitment to spain, despite the awkward period being experienced by the economy worldwide.

source: expansión, 20/12/2011

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