Logistics company Global-Talke to invest 14 million euros in its new facilities in Tarragona

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18 Oct 2018

Logistics company Global-Talke plans to invest €14M in the construction, in two phases, of its new facilities in Tarragona where it will create 25 new jobs. Global-Talke is 50% owned by the German group Alfred Talke, with the other 50% coming from local investment.  The company has acquired a plot of land from Incàsol (public promoter of industrial land in Catalonia) for 3.5 million euros, totalling 38,820 square meters.  

Global Talke is one of Spain’s leading providers of logistics services, handling goods packing and transportation as well as serving the chemical industry. The group has more than 1,600 trucks and over 25 locations around the world, mainly in the Iberian Peninsula, Germany, United States and Saudi Arabia.

Source: Incàsol


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