KWS to open a shared service centre in barcelona

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12 Feb 2013

the big german agro-food company kws has centralised in barcelona all of its administration activities for the mediterranean region in barcelona. the company has created a small unit of 10 people that it expects to grow to 30 in three years. from the catalan capital it will control finance, operations, human resources, it, safety and health, and purchase management.

kws is one of the four world’s leading plant breeding and seed companies. with sales of 1,147 million euros, and 4.440 employees, it has a range of products that go from sugarbeet to corn, sunflower, cereals or potatoes. its research and development activities reached €140.0 million, one of the strong points of the company.

for kws, the catalan capital is the vertebrating point of the mediterranean market, which makes it an ideal scenery in its international growth strategy. the company has activities in spain since 25 years ago in the centre of spain (valladolid and aguilar del campo), and was supported by invest in catalonia in the process of establishing this new office.

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