IKEA to make textiles for South Europe market in Catalonia

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20 Feb 2013

Fluvitex has opened a new production plant in Valls near Taragona, which will make eiderdowns, pillows and bed covers for IKEAS's southern European stores, namely in Spain, Prortugal and France and which is due to represent 22% of the firm's textile sales.

IKEA, has, for the first time worldwide, opted to bring in a local partner, in this case, the Catalan Fluvitex, with whom it began working 2 years ago. Fluvitex until recently was a textile sector equiptment and technology supplier and now, due to its agreement with IKEA, will run production at the plant within the premises of the firm's logistic centre in Valls, in operation since 2003.

During this process of negotiation, the firm has received the backing of the Catalan inward investment and promotion armof the Catalan Government: Invest in Catalonia.

IKEA sources were said to value the agreement "very highly" considering that it was "positive that a local firm could be sufficiently competitive and be able to become an exclusive supplier for all of southern Europe," said Gonzalo Antoñanzas, director general in Spain, who went on to add, "this operation means a cut in logistics costs shorter delivery time to stores and a reduction in CO emissions from less transport," part of strategy which will set the tone for the firm in the coming years.

Mr. Antoñanzas also underlined the "commitment of IKEA to Catalonia," where the company opened its first store in Spain. The Valls plant has seen some €8m invested and 89 jobs created, some 90% or more were previously unemployed and all are local residents.

Source: Ara, 19/2/2013

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