ICG opens touch screen computing facility in Torrefarrera

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15 Jun 2011

Icg software (the catalan multinational specialising in the design, manufacture and sale of touch screen it technology for retail, hostelry and services has already moved into its new premises on the torrefarrera business park in a brand new, intelligent and sustainable building.

andreu pi, company president reckons that sales could top last year’s figure of €10.3 million by up to 15%, thanks to the boost provided by the concentration of all aspects of the firm’s operations under a single roof. the roof in question is that of the new, integrated headquarters of icg and the space of 4,000m2 includes a production facility, a new r+d centre and logistics area, which is to continue efficiently supplying the fifty countries around the world which make up the key markets for icg’s touch screen products.

in the words of the company president, “we have to move with the times and keep on changing, and this new plant is set to become the flagship of our operations. at this facility we will be able to serve and receive clients, suppliers and distributors from all over the world, as well as research and develop new and improved products.”

among the items icg is promoting over the coming months is cashdro; an intelligent cash drawer that ensures the till always adds up due to its ability to block access to cash along with a system which prevents mistakes in giving change, and a device to detect counterfeit notes, all of which vastly reduce possibilities for petty theft.

source: la vanguardia, 10/6/2011

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