Iberpotash investing in Súria

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17 Apr 2011

Iberpotash, currently Spain’s only potash mining enterprise, aims to invest €160m over a three year period in its plant in Súria, (Central Catalonia), according to plans approved by its parent company, Industrial Chemical Limited (ICL) for Spanish operations. The investment is directed at improving all aspects of the business, from mining, to processing and sale of salt and potash.

The plan is due to have the first phase up and running by 2014 and consists of expanding the potash processing plant in Súria, and also includes the construction of a new plant to process common salt. The Israeli based parent company insists its expansion will be undertaken “ensuring the greatest respect for the environment,” whilst keeping transport of minerals through the town centre of Súria down to a minimum.

Source: La Vanguardia, 15/4/2011

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