Hutchison Ports will invest 60 million euros to expand its terminal in the Port of Barcelona

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23 Dec 2021

Hutchison Ports BEST will invest €60 million in the next phase to expand its container terminal in the Port of Barcelona, according to a press release from the Port.

The Hong Kong-based company will allocate €31 million to civil works to have 7 more blocks of containers, increasing their capacity by 26%. The remaining 29 million will be invested in machinery, specifically 14 automatic stacking cranes (ASC).

The works will be carried out on the 10 hectares of land delivered by the Port of Barcelona to the Hutchison terminal a year ago and will start before May 1, 2022. Upon completion, Hutchison will go from having 27 to 34 blocks of containers.

Currently, BEST occupies 80 hectares of land and has 1,500 meters of pier, with a draft of 16.5 meters deep. The terminal has 13 quay cranes that can operate the largest ships in the world, 54 ASCs, 2 cranes at the railway terminal (RMG) and 34 shuttle carriers.

The first semi-automatic terminal developed by the Hutchison Ports Group will incorporate 8 new ASCs to give service to the first 4 blocks that will be put into operation by end of 2023. Later, it will incorporate 6 more ASC cranes.

Source: Port of Barcelona

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