Colt expands workforce for shared services centre

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11 Feb 2012

The telecommunications company colt continues to keep faith with the shared services facility it set up in cornellà (baix llobregat) back in 2006. the centre is focused on customer care, attending to the needs of some 35,000 clients across the european continent and it handles over one million calls a year, providing service for clients in 15 different languages.

once expansion is complete, the centre will provide work for a staff of six hundred, a meteoric rise in human capital compared to the 40 employees staffing the premises just five years ago. the increase in the workforce is down to the decision of colt to concentrate both credit and collection operations in cornellà as well.

colt disembarked in catalonia back in 1999 and now boasts a fibre optic network of 700 km with connection to 750 buildings. in addition to the service centre, the firm also has a data storage centre for clients.

“the expansion of our centre is a clear example of our long term commitment to catalonia as a strategic region, ideal for setting up services and operations for all europe,” insisted rakesh bhasin, ceo of colt, who also added, “barcelona is one of the top cities in europe to live and work in.”

source: expansión catalunya, 7/2/2012

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