Cluster Day Barcelona 2023: Leadership for the Good Future

28 Sep 2023

International Events

Leadership and talent are crucial elements for business success. The latest edition of Cluster Day Barcelona 2023, held on October 21 at the World Trade Center, highlighted the figure of the leader and featured the intervention of Gerd Leonhard, expert in effective leadership and CEO of The Futures Agency.

A futurist and humanist, Gerd Leonhard's motto is "People, Planet, Purpose and Prosperity". Gerd Leonhard distinguishes three revolutions today: the digital revolution, the sustainable revolution and the revolution of purpose. All three revolutions together, he says, will have a huge impact on all industries.


“Barcelona is unique because the cultural factor is unique. It has always felt like it was going forward”

Gerd Leonhard, CEO of The Futures Agency


Leonhard believes that the priorities that used to be based on growth have changed, and it is necessary to build new structures to create a "good future scenario”.

In this new scenario, leadership is essential: “10 years ago, we thought about leaders that are good with money, they're good with people, they know how to make a profit, they have knowledge and logic. But now leadership is about inventing, it's about visions, it's about intuition, imagination, inspiring narrative.”

Barcelona and the cultural asset

In this new global context, the culture of change will play an important role in the battle for talent. "People move to San Francisco and Silicon Valley because the culture is one of change. There's a lot of money, there's a lot of culture, and there's a lot of like-minded people."

Cultural assets are also a plus for Barcelona, according to Leonhard: "Barcelona is unique because the cultural factor is unique. That is what Barcelona has to protect. It has always felt like it was moving forward".

Watch his full presentation at Cluster Day Barcelona 2023.







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