Catalan company IDIADA inaugurates a new simulation center for vehicle development in China

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19 Oct 2023

IDIADA offers engineering, certification, and testing services to the automotive industry in China from its new complex, which includes 18 first-class test tracks, 84 fully-equipped workshops, and covers 150 hectares.

The Minister of Business and Labour of the Government of Catalonia, Roger Torrent, inaugurated today the vehicle prototype simulation center and test tracks of the Catalan company IDIADA in the Chinese city of Zhaoyuan. The new facility, IDIADA China Proving Ground, is similar to the company's testing center in Catalonia, where about 100 vehicles are tested daily.
IDIADA provides engineering, certification, and testing services from this complex to the automotive industry operating in China, both for local and international manufacturers. The complex comprises 18 first-class test tracks and 84 fully equipped workshops, covering 150 hectares. The Catalan company is promoting this project with LingLong Tires, one of the leading tire manufacturers in China, which also has a test and development base at the IDIADA test tracks in Catalonia.


“IDIADA's role in China is a clear example of collaboration between Catalonia and China in an industry that is key for both territories”

Roger Torrent, Minister of Business and Labour of Catalonia

According to the head of Business and Labour, "IDIADA is one of the reference companies in the field of engineering, not only in Catalonia, but internationally, and today we can see it in this simulation center, where they apply the latest technological innovations in a sector as fundamental as the automotive sector." According to Torrent, "IDIADA's role in China is a clear example of collaboration between Catalonia and China in an industry that is key for both territories."

According to Alexandre Català, director of the Catalan company in the Asia-Pacific region, IDIADA is "positioned as a reference company in the sector due to the quality of the facilities we operate and the services we offer." "Among other technologies, we offer hybrid services between simulation technology used on the complex's text track to evaluate the performance of vehicle prototypes in various conditions.

IDIADA inaugurated this simulation center in 2021 but it has not yet been fully operational due to the pandemic.

Institutional trip to strengthen trade relations with China

Accompanied by the General Director of Industry, Oriol Alcoba, and the Director of ACCIÓ-Catalonia Trade & Investment in Hong Kong and Shanghai, Madrona Marcet, the Minister of Business and Labour is leading an institutional trip to China until tomorrow to promote the business opportunities offered by Catalonia, attracting new foreign investment projects and strengthening economic relations between the two territories.

The mission began last week in Hong Kong and has continued in mainland China with visits and meetings in Shenzhen, Wuhu, Shanghai, and Yantai. The institutional trip was organized by the Catalonia Trade & Investment Office in Hong Kong, with the support of the Consulate General of China in Barcelona.


The agenda of the institutional trip included, among other things, several meetings with local institutional authorities and Chinese companies such as Chery, Jinqingron Garment, and Wanhua, as well as meetings with companies in technological fields, including this event with representatives of the Catalan IDIADA.  

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