Càrniques Celrà expansion set to add a further 200 to the workforce

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02 Feb 2012

The meat sector specialist càrniques celrà, located in girona, has just invested €18 million in a new facility for cutting up pork products, which should lead to the creation of 200 new jobs. the latest wave of expansion by the company will mean that they will now be employing 500 people when the new area is running at full steam.

the investment means that the firm has been able to double the built surface area of its premises to 13.217 m2 and thereby expand its business activities into the cutting up of pork products. estimated production capacity for the current year has been put at the handling of 50,000 tonnes of meat, much of which is earmarked for export to markets as far away as south korea, japan, hong kong or russia. the girona-based enterprises closed the 2011 financial year with a turnover of €20 million, which should be expected to rise significantly during the current year to a possible target of €100 million. the project to build a new work area has received the direct backing of invest in catalonia, the trade promotion and inward investment attraction agency of the catalan department of industry.

source: la vanguardia, 31/1/2012

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