Canadian company transax sets up in barcelona

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07 Jun 2013

Transax technologies, dedicated to create applications and payment systems, has opened an office in 22@ barcelona to serve europe, asia and latin america. the new centre in the catalan capital will create 50 jobs, which will increase up to 80 in 2014. during the first year transax expects a turnover of 10 million euros.

transax is devoted to developing platforms to carry out payments from mobile applications to technologies related to credit cards. for instance, the company has created an application so as to a mobile phone can act as a chip and pin terminal. the barcelona office will be responsible for finding new systems to make payments, such as nfc, contactless or peer to peer, and will concentrate the largest number of employees across the company worldwide.

the project has had the support of invest in catalonia, the investment attraction area of the catalan government.

source: generalitat de catalunya

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